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Deep in Luxurious…

Mediterranean Star, impressively elegant and luxury, a unique combination of quality, design and harmony challenges those led by charm of beauty in searching and living an unfamiliar experience.

Unequalled design creates an idyllic atmosphere.

The outdoor area, the curves, the stone-built coaches and tables and the hidden lighting offer to the visitor moments of calmness and relaxation.

Indonesian pieces of furniture travel the getaway to distant countries.

The impressive monasterian dining room at the lobby is an amazing sample of tradition and modern apprehension.

Internal decoration is specially designed to float visitors without ending and limits.

Metal, marble and papyrus are domain inside elements.Spacious, luxurious rooms with Jacuzzi, metal beds, marble coffee tables, handmade lamps made of papyrus, the possibility of breakfast in bed in the view of blue sea and the cedar threes satisfy all kind of tastes.

Available comforts and services: Reception, dining room, Wi-fi, fax service, room service and parking.


Home ~  Description ~Rooms view ~ Outdoor view Booking Form Image Gallery

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